Plastic grids - European novelty for the comfort and usability of the user

Plastic mesh, which you can buy from us, is made of polyethylene with the addition of special materials. The production is carried out by extrusion, which means pushing the polyethylene melted to the melting temperature through the mold holes. The result of this process is the production of a monolithic (not woven!) Mesh, which has excellent flexibility, strength and durability. At the same time, the cost of such a grid is several times cheaper, compared, for example, with a metal product, which is an undeniable advantage of the European novelty.

If you decided to buy a plastic mesh in our company, you get the opportunity to choose the material that is optimal for your construction purposes. Such a grid can have any overall dimensions, color, parameters of cells and their shape (rectangle, rhomboid, etc.). In use, the mesh has established itself as a wear-resistant and reliable material.

The main advantages of using plastic mesh

The net produced by our company has the following undeniable advantages in comparison with other materials:

  • high strength of the plastic product and its high resistance to the influence of aggressive external factors, which could be achieved by using in the production of concomitant additives. As a result, the finished mesh withstands temperature fluctuations ranging from -60 to +60 degrees, and is also not exposed to corrosion, rot and rust;
  • simplicity and ease of use. Elasticity and unique flexibility of the plastic mesh make the process of its laying or installation as simple as possible. Such a grid (Kharkov) is safe and surprisingly light, which makes it possible for even an experienced user to use it when erecting fences, fences, canopies, arbors, etc .;
  • Aesthetic appearance - the grid does not need additional painting, because it already has dyes that do not burn out even under intensive regular exposure to sunlight. Attractive looking fences made of plastic mesh, installed around the private house. The beauty of the solutions in the production of nets allows them to decorate the courtyard landscape, unusual and attractive to arrange flower beds, city squares, rest places, etc .;
  • Safety for small children, pets and birds. Plastic mesh purchase price which is minimal in our company, thanks to the softness of its structure, does not cause damage to pets and small children walking in the yard.

All these qualities for many years make the plastic mesh one of the most popular building materials in Western Europe.